Student groups are formed through the cooperation between student leaders, faculty advisors and the members of the group and automatically becomes affiliated with the chapter nearest to it. AIGA Wisconsin is here to support our student groups at colleges and universities to help students learn about themselves, their peers and their profession while learning connecting to the local professional design community while learning valuable leadership skills as they form a community of their own. They’ll have the opportunity to connect with other student groups at events and competitions while making friends and seeing other programs offered by other educational institutions. Find out who your student groups leaders are by asking a faculty member.

Student groups have several resources at their disposal to help them run meetings, create programming and locate resources. There’s tips on  how to run a successful group. As well as a page for you to connect with other student groups.

If your school doesn’t have and AIGA student group you can help to get one started.

Questions? Contact Guatam Wadhwa, your chapter education chairperson.