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About the Event

Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) is a free 24-hour online event for the global community. It celebrates inclusive design and shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, from planners to practitioners, and everything and everyone in between.


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Featured Talks

4:00 PM - Elizabeth Schafer

Improve User Experience by Designing with Cognitive Differences in Mind

Cognitive disabilities are the most common type of disability but are often the hardest to understand. What do we need to consider to make sure we're not inadvertently excluding people? We'll look through the lens of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to explore how differences in cognitive functions can affect usability on websites, and what we can do to improve the user experience for everyone.

About the speaker

Elizabeth is a senior front-end engineer working on design systems and accessibility advocacy at VitalSource. She likes making websites that don't exclude people.

5:00 PM - Courtney Cox Wakefield

For Folx Sake: Designing Inclusive Digital Content

The demand for inclusive content has never been higher. Look no further than Google trends, where the topic “gender-neutral language” has steadily climbed in interest since 2012, reaching a new peak this month. This session will show attendees how to create digital content that appeals to an inclusive audience without watering down their message.

About the speaker

Courtney is a non-binary digital marketer, speaker, and author. Passionate about creating inclusive online spaces, Courtney works with her clients and employer to update digital content and experiences that reinforce heteronormativity and the gender binary. Courtney lives in Dallas, TX with their wife, new baby, and six pets.

6:00 PM - Melanie Sumner

The Phenomenon of the Unlucky Choice

We often talk about patterns and well-lit paths, but what happens when we make a poor choice? What happens when we make ten poor choices? It didn't take a day to make a mess of our applications, and it will take longer than a day to clean it up. We'll examine some of the not-so-hidden pitfalls, and discuss some practical steps that will help us make our applications more inclusive and more technically sound.

About the speaker

Melanie is a decorated, disabled military veteran who works as a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn with a focus on accessibility in open source. She is an active member of the Ember.js core team and co-organizer of the Ember Chicago Meetup.


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When & Where
Wed, Oct 9, 2019 - Thu, Oct 10, 2019 6:45 PM - 7:00 PM CDT