AIGA WI 2015 President’s Letter


Dear AIGA WI Chapter,

It’s a new year with a new focus, a new president, and many new board members. These are volunteers who have stepped up to foster the value of design for our chapter. Thank you to those helping and to those who look to help moving forward.

So what is the value of design? I believe it’s our universal language that we get to participate in everyday. Not just us as designers, but everyone around us too. Design has power. Power to create change, to facilitate conversation, to impact the lives of those around us. They say that with great power comes great responsibility, but I’d like to replace that with opportunity— opportunity to better our lives and those around us in our community. Now that’s amazing value in design.

This years AIGA WI’s focus will be working together under the Design for Good platform to build and sustain the implementation of design thinking for social change. Starting with educational level initiatives to begin building the next generation of us. And we want you to be part of it. From guest speakers creating change, hands on workshops with a purpose, events that make a difference in our community, partnerships with other social organizations, and continued support for Greater Together as we work to alter the diversity issue within our industry.

This year AIGA WI is:


So be amazed at what you can do and what we can do together. Spread the word — involve yourself and involve others. Ask a friend to join, get your company to support a membership, and get ready… coz we’re not just going to help grow our community, we’re going to help grow the world and have a blast doing it together.



By Drew Lettner
Published October 28, 2015
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